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Mr P of Northants


Contacted Stampback who promptly responded and guided me through the whole process. They were extremely helpful and managed to sort a refund within a matter of weeks. Fantastic service throughout and highly recommended.


Mr C of SW19


After reviewing my SDLT return, Stampback advised me that I’d overpaid by £14,000 and they submitted a refund request on my behalf. I have had my refund with interest Invaluable!

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Mr L of Bexleyheath


I couldn’t see how I might have overpaid but Stampback know their stuff, they advised me I was due back £7,500 and they dealt with the refund process very efficiently. 

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Mr B of EC4


I completed several purchases in 2017 and took some advice from Stampback. They quickly identified how I was due a refund of £15,000 and they dealt with the process.  I was delighted with their service.

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Mr M of Hertfordshire


Stampback provided an excellent service and got me a full refund of my SDLT of £24,000 in 2 months, very simple process from start to finish with excellent communication throughout.

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Mr B of NW3


We instructed Stampback to pursue an SDLT refund for us in relation to a purchase we made back in 2016. They made the process very simple and they kept us informed as to how our application was progressing. We received our refund in full plus interest and we would certainly use Stampback again if any of our purchases fit the refund criteria.