Frequently Asked Questions

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Do Stampback advise on how to avoid paying SDLT or reducing the amount we should pay?

No – We are all about helping you claim back overpaid SDLT.

Is what you are doing legal?

Yes, totally.

We are not here to help anybody evade or avoid tax, our service is simply here to help obtain refunds for those who have paid more than they should.

Why may I have overpaid SDLT?

You may have been advised incorrectly, SDLT calculations are complicated and there are numerous factors to take into account when calculating the level of SDLT payable.  

What details do I need to provide?

Simply fill out our online form or scan and email over the purchase contract. If we require further documents we will email you to request these.

Can anybody use your service?

We only offer our service to property companies and traders.

How long does the process take?

We will review your information and give you our opinion within 7 days of receipt. When we submit an application we would expect to receive a refund within 3 months.  Patience is required, we are dealing with HMRC!

When do we pay Stampback?

We deduct our success fee – 30% of any refund and remit to you the balance.

Wouldn’t my solicitor know how much SDLT I should pay?

Quite possibly not.  Most solicitors will be familiar with some aspects of SDLT but they are unlikely to be experts on every facet.